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Stellacept Onlineのスクリーンショット

Stellacept Onlineのゲームガイド

MENU Button

MENU Button

Press the Menu button to call out other function buttons.

Change Equipment

Change your character's equipment.

Main Change your character's primary weapon.
Sub Equip your character's sub weapon.
Body Equip your character's body armor.
Head Equip your character's head gear.
Mask Equip your character's face gear.
Accessories Equip various skill accessories.


Enhance your character status by using status spica. Character status is displayed top left of screen.

HP Character will fail when HP i s0.
Sword Lv You can equip armor that is below your character's level.
Gun Lv You can equip armor that is below your character's level.
Magic Lv You can equip armor that is below your character's level.
Slash Strength of close combat attacks.
Range Strength of long range attacks.
Magic Strength of mid range attacks.
Tolerance Ability to tolerate down.
Defense Ability to protect self.
Target Rate of critical hit.
Dodge Rate of dodging enemy's critical hit.


Use spica to enhance your character's parameter. Distribute your parameter to increase status points.

Sword Increase Sword Lv and close combat attack strength.
Patience Increase Sword Lv, Patience, and HP.
Range Increase Gun Lv and long range attack strength.
Tech Increase Gun Lv, Critical hit rate, and some HP.
Magic Increase Magic Lv and mid range attack strength.
Dodge Increase Magic Lv, Dodge rate, and large HP.


Skills have a variety of abilities. Each weapon style can carry up to 3 skills.

Weapon style varies by the equipped weapon.
Primary weapon will be main style.
Sub weapon will be sub style.

Learn Skills

Each weapon style has unique skills.
These skills can be learned using 「」Skill Spica.
Learn more skills to unlock more powerful skills.


Two types of emblems are Performance and Rank. Combine the two as you like.
Some titles have ability enhancements.

Performance Page

Your gameplay performance will be recorded.
Performance is rated by hunting, creation, mission, and more and will be displayed for each category.
Performance Pages show achievements such as monster hunting, and you can win prizes for completion.


Chat Window

Chat with other players while you play the game.
Tap the bar on the left side of the screen to open and close the chat window.
Slide the window up and down to see your chat log.

Types of Chat

You can select different chat types to message users.

SAY Send a message to everyone on the same field.
SHOUT Send a message to all fields.
PARTY Send a message to party members.
WHISPER Send a message to a member on your friend list.
GUILD Send a message to your guild members.

Chat Button

Tap the chat bubble to call the keyboard for your chat.
Message length is 33 letters.

Chat Filter

You can filter the different types of messages using the chat filter.
Tap the top left button to change the chat filter.
Tap the displayed button to filter.


Toggle Weapon Stance

Flick slide the row of 3 buttons to toggle your weapon stance.

Default Stance

Emotion buttons will display during default stance.
・Wave Hand

Fight Stance

Skill buttons will display during fight stance.
・Set Skill 1
・Set Skill 2
・Set Skill 3


Shortcut to quickly use an item.
You can register an item from your back to the shortcut.



The bag contains your character's item collection.
View your bag by selecting Menu →  Itemnbsp;→ Bag. → 
You can use, discard, and register shortcut your items from your bag.


Your giftbox contains special items such as login bonuses.
View your giftbox by selecting Menu → Item → Giftbox.
You can move your gift items to your character's bag.

Weapon Change

Weapon Change

You can equip a primary and sub weapon.
You will use your selected weapon during battle.
Toggle your primary and sub weapon using the weapon change button.



Players, NPCs, and Monsters roam the field maps.
You can target the characters by tapping them.
Tap the bottom right buttons while targetting other characters to use different commands.

◆Your Character:…You can create parties and more.
◆Other Players…You can request Party, Friend, etc.
◆NPC…You can talk with NPCs.
◆Monsters…You can battle with monsters.