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New Information

Today's Tarazed event will start from the "Denlaw Meadow" at 11:00 (JST).

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

Today's Defeat event will start from the Denlaw Meadow at 11:00 (JST).
Chance to get Assult Weapon and 4th Ex Weapon etc...!

*Limited Field "Denlaw Meadow"

Clear all 3 quests and talk to Stanley to move to Denlaw Meadow.
The Ancient Beasts inhabiting Denlaw Meadow and may drop event points, event items,
and even some rare materials at fixed rates.

The Wounded Dragon and Girl
The Cruel Ancient Beast
The Dragon of Judgement Comes

*Ancient Beasts

A plant-type monster that attacks with its 4 long tentacles.
It excells in areas such as defense, critical resistance, and evasion.

A magic dragon that poses a steep confrontation before us Alkiba soldiers and the Tarazed.
But its strength is probably already well known by now.
It boasts enormous skill in both offense and defense.
It is best challenged in peak condition.

About Lutea and Lindwurm
Abilities can be lowered by breaking different parts.
If you find defeating them to be a challenge, aim for breaking all the parts together!

*Limited Event Equipment

It's time to demonstrate your enormous power against event monsters.
To do so, we're introducing helms and masks, accessories, and even the new Assault Magic weapons.

▼Event Equipment Armor
L. Devil Ear
L. Devil Mask
L. Devil Charm
Ancient Helm
Ancient Mask
Ancient Bracelet
A-Magic Helm
A-Magic Mask
A-Magic Ring

About Assault Magic Weapons
Assault Magic Boxes may be dropped by Ancient Beasts in the Denlaw Meadow.
The Assault Magic Box contains materials for creating Assault Magic Weapons.
For a fixed period they will have particulalry strong abilities.
These may even be active during battles with monsters other than Ancient Beasts.

Special Info.
Limited event equipment will demonstrate effects against monsters in Inside Cathedral 1F-10F.
This is a great chance to aim for the top floor of Inside Cathedral, so go for it!

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.