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New Information

[Notice] Today's Defeat event will start from the Dark Black Market at 11:00 (JST).

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

Today's Defeat event will start from the Dark Black Market at 11:00 (JST).
Chance to get 4th Ex Weapon!

Accept the limited event quest "Kimodameshi" and head off to the Dark Black Market!

Requiescat Candle are necessary to challenge the quest.
You can get the blue or yellow ghosts.

You can challenge a horror-packed event quest from Night shifter Phantom, so turn up the volume and enjoy this frightful experience.

To First-Time Challengers,
The story will progress according to how many times you clear the Kimodameshi quest.
By accepting the quest from the Night-shifter "Phantom",
you will be able to transport to the Dark Black Market through
the white candle appearing beyond him.

The first time you take the quest, the mission will be excuted precisely in Dark Black Market,
so you will not be able to move freely.
However, during the second time you perform the quest,
you will be able to move about the Dark Black Market freely!
So please be sure to try clearing it more than once!

About Series 4th EX Weapons
These are weapons with abilities between the 4th and 5th series.
You can get the necessary materials to create them from certain boss monsters.

・Event boss monsters
・Some Tarazed

When you recycle series 4th EX weapons, you can get materials for series 4th weapons.
*Please note that you cannot get series 5 weapon materials.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.