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New Information

The Halloween Event started!!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.


■New Map [Eudore Sand Forest] added!

・New Monster added!
・Hunting and Complete achivement Added!
・New Quest added!!
*Quest can be taken from the Nathaniel!

The new map "Eudore Sand Forest" is a field where part of the jungle has been taken over by the desert,
leaving tufts of greenery to peek through the sandy soil.
The scene before you shows a jungle,
stretching out to meet at the end of the long desert ground.

The twinkling stars in the night sky and dreamy field music weave a elegant,
beautiful world for you to enjoy.

Monsters appearing in the "Eudore Sand Forest" are far stronger than monsters you have faced up until now.
Cooperation from your allies will be essential to defeating them.
The residing monsters, especially the boss monster, brandish some fiercely strong attacks, but by defeating them,
you can get some Arks with unique abilities.
Get new power by equipping this Ark to your weapon.

Also, a new kind of Makur Tribe appears.
New types Makur Vogge and Makur Cloy have incredibly long range weapons,
so it is vital all soldiers be careful of distant sniping.

It has not been completely confirmed at present,
but we have also received information that some diabolical monsters lie in wait.

■New Story Quests and Mission have been added!!

New story and Sub Quests have been added at the [Koronis Deserted Village]
You can accept the first Story Quest by talking to NPC "Dikembe" at Cepheid Cathedral.

■The Halloween Event started!!

Phantom and Jack's exciting Halloween Event has begun in the Vinculum Market!

**Game Contents.**
・New Event Point Ranking(Player / Guild)

・Event Point Rewards!
We've massively reformed event point rewards!
The number of available rewards has been tripled, and the items have gotten even more gorgeous!
We've even adjusted the intervals between rewards, so they'll be easier to obtain.

As rewards, we've prepared items such as the new items Seed [Adjuster] and Seed [Ench Core].
We've also readied items useful for creating, refining, and remodeling weapons and armor,
as well as rare items you don't encounter very often.

We've also got some items to help you breeze through the event and exclusive Stella avatar.
These Stella avatar include a ghost, a pumpkin... and one more special type.
This is also a chance to get your hands on the bag of the new Fortune Avatar,
only available with event points.

**Phantom(Event NPC)**
・Event Quest [Kimodameshi]

You can challenge a horror-packed event quest from Night shifter Phantom,
so turn up the volume and enjoy this frightful experience.
As you clear the quests, the story development will change, so you can enjoy in many times!
Requiescat Candles are necessary to challenge the quest.
You can get the blue or yellow ghosts.

Use the event item "Soul Lantern" in the Vinculum Market to invite
ghosts from the Netherworld!

**Jack(Event NPC)**
・Event Mission [Feast of Evil Spirits]

Event Mission [Feast of Evil Spirits]
Jack's exciting Night Party has begun in the Vinculum Market!
Let's fight the Pumpkin Archs with Jack!

This mission features 3 levels of difficulty.
We've made it so you can get as many event points as monsters you can defeat.
This mission can be cleared 3x daily
Beat down as many monsters as you can within the time limit!
If Jack falls, the mission will fail!

This mission can be challenged as a party.
However, all members of the party must transform into Pumpkin Arch form and speak to Jack to accept the mission.
You can also transform into a Pumpkin Arch with the items "Holy Talism Mirr" and "Holy Talism Ball".
You get them from the Kimodameshi Quest.

**Limited Event Equipment**
We have exclusive Halloween event equipment you might want to try!
We've got helms and masks.
We've got equipment that's easy to get.
And of course, we have equipment that's a bit difficult to obtain, but comes with high abilities.

When you equip them, you can increase the damage dealt to event monsters,
the amount of points you get and so on. So you can get the most out of the event.
These are available to get in-game, so don't miss this oppurtunity!

■Bug Fix
Item [Leo Memory] have been Bug Fixed!

■Server adjustment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.