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New Information

New Wheels released!(Little Red & The Wolf Avatar)

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The Shop maintenance has been completed.

Shop Update details:

■New Wheels released!

[Little Red & The Wolf Wheel]
Girls are Little Red and Boys are the Big Bad Wolf.
These avatars are designed differently for boys and girls.

The best feature of the Wolf avatar is the powerful "Wolf Mask" (helm avatar).
It's a full helm that covers the entire face.
And for avatar accessories, there is both a "Wolf Mane" and "Tail".
Amp up your power by equipping the mask and the mane at the same time!

The Little Red Riding Hood avatar also features a hood with a very simple, feminine design.
The mask avaar features a flower between the lips.
Stellacept may have more adult-styled characters, but we like to think the flower gives an innocent, child-like image.
With the main color of the avatar being red, the yellow flower is vibrant and beautiful.

[Blue Monday Wheel]
Monday Exclusive! *1 Spin for 2 Star Gems!
A lineup of all blue avatars!
9/17 Stay tuned!

■Win rate up campaign

[Dragon Knight Avatar Wheel]
*Female avatar win rate up!

[Zodiac Wheel]
This is a chance to wim equipment and items of each constellation, such as Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Leo.
*"Gemini" win rate up!

[Item Wheel]
*See ya later, ★1 and ★2.
*This time we're changing the line up in the Item Wheel to deal out items of ★3 and more.

[Equip. Lv Uncap. Wheel]
*Adjuster Type Item win rate x5!

■End of Sale campaign
*11 spins at once 20 Star Gems reduce to 15 Star Gems!
*Until Sep. 21

[Gothic Swim Avatar]
[Yoko Avatar]

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.