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New Information

New Wheels released!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The Shop maintenance has been completed.

Shop Update details:

■New Wheels released!

[Dragon Knight Avatar Wheel]
New Avatar Celebration Sale!
*11 spins at once 30 Star Gems reduce to 25 Star Gems!

[Extreme Upgrade Wheel]
A wheel full of items necessary for upgrading weapons and armor.

Release memorial sale!
*11 spins at once 30 Star Gems reduce to 25 Star Gems!
Spin 11x now and get a "Refine Card 100%" present!

■Limited Wheels released!

[God Star Festival Wheel]
The lineup features some great new avatars.

・Lucifer Wing
Sandalphon Wing: Black, Metatron Wing: Violet, Raziel Wing:White, and Lucifer Wing: Gold have been added.
The wings are animated to flap as the player moves.

・Dark Avatar (Costume&Weapons)
A completely black avatar.
The lineup features both costumes and weapons at the same time.
The Dark Avatar is great for mixing and matching with other avatars for neat effects.
All uniquely in black!

・One-Winged Chevalier in a new color
The color is orange.
The greatest feature of the Chevalier Avatar is that you can coordinate the left and right differently.
As of June's Large-Scale Update, the number of accessory avatar slots increased from 1 to 2.

As the name "One-Winged..." indicates,
the right wing may be equipped in one accessory avatar slot, and the left wing in the second accessory avatar slot.
Additionally, the right and left wings are available in 2 patterns each, and included with an abundance of other unique avatars.
Excluding wings, there are two types for each main and sub, helm, and mask.

※This new color is not included in the One-Winged Chevalier Wheel.

・Armored Frame Avatar in a new color
The color is khaki.
This is a popular mech-type avatar with a strong impact.
The Armored Frame is animated to fire from the boosters with the player moves.

■Win rate up campaign

[Equip. Lv Uncap. Wheel]
*Adjuster Type Item win rate x5!

[Item Wheel]
*Core Type item win rate x3!

■Notice of discontinuation
The following items and wheels will be closed at the start of our next maintenance.

[Papillon Avatar Wheel]
[Betafly Avatar Wheel]
*11 spins at once 20 Star Gems reduce to 15 Star Gems!

[God Star Festival Wheel]

■Items on special offer!

・Stella re-AW Core
* 5 Star gems reduce to 2 Star gems!
* This item is available from the Stella Avatar Equip.

・Enchant Core x30
*150 Star gems reduce to 50 Star gems!

・Portal Drive x60
*20 Star gems reduce to 17 Star gems!

・Revive x30
* 30 Star gems reduce to 22 Star gems!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.