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New Information

End of Maintenance(Compensation and Campaign reward!)

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.


■New Quest have been added!!
・Tarazed Fairy
You can accept the quest from the new character Masque de Tarazed where he is standing Inside Arcturus.

As a reward, you will be able to get the special collectable item "Tarazed Gems".
These can be exchange for the new items Seed [Adjuster], Seed [Enchant Core], and Ark Extract Core.
You can also make effective use of any Ark Break Core won from defeating the Tarazed by exchanging them for Tarazed Gems.

Notice of Star Gem Distribution
Thank you very much.

We have finished distributing Star gem
*Delivery period until 14 Sep 2018 at 23:59.

■Bug Fix
We've corrected the problem where Event helm abilities were not correctly reflected.

 ・F-Headband Red
 ・F-Headband Blue

We have changed the ability to upgrade the event helm.
Until now we had it as possible to upgrade the helm to get more Event Points from dealing damage to event monsters,
however due to some malfunctions, we have made it possible to upgrade the helm for HP and STR instead.
Regarding the increase in Event Points for dealing massive damage to event monsters,
we have made adjustments so that you will be able to rake in as many Event Points as possible without upgrading the helm.

In compensation for the issue mentioned above,
we have distributed 1 Star Gem as a token of apology.

Star gem will be distributed by stages.
*Are eligible the characters which were created before 14 Aug. 2018 at 16:00.
*Delivery period until 14 Sep 2018 at 23:59.

To receive the compensation please go to in-game mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

We kindly ask for your continued support of Stellacept Online.

*How to Receive Your Gems*
 ・Login to Stellacept Online after distribution has begun.
 ・Tap the mail icon on the top right of the screen.
 ・Tap the Star Gem distribution mail.
 ・Display the message of receipt. (Finished)

How to Confirm Your Star Gems
 ・Tap "MENU".
 ・Tap the shop button on the bottom right. (Move to the Stella Shop)
 ・Tap "Add Star Gems".
 ・Tap "My Page".
 ・Tap "Star Gem History".

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.