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6/9 Campaign Update Announcement(Share for Star Gems!)

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

Share for Star Gems!

Thanks to your shares,
the top goal for the Large Scale Update Video Share Campaign has already been reached!
Thank you so much.
We deeply appreciate your efforts.

Due to your lightening-quick response, we have added new goals and even more rewards.
We hope you will stay with us and keep the campaign going.

 ・Step 7:1 more Star Gem for 1250 shares or more (Total 12 Gems)

 ・Step 1:1 Star Gem for 10 shares or more.
 ・Step 2:1 more Star Gem for 50 shares or more (Total 2 Gems)
 ・Step 3:1 more Star Gem for 100 shares or more (Total 3 Gems)
 ・Step 4:2 more Star Gems for 200 shares or more (Total 5 Gems)
 ・Step 5:5 more Star Gems for 500 shares or more (Total 10 Gems)
 ・Step 6:1 more Star Gem for 750 shares or more (Total 11 Gems)

We will release a notification when the campaign deadline and
Star Gem distribution date have been determined.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.