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New Information

The PvP Mission Event started!!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.


■The PvP Mission Event started!!

About the PvP Mission

Your next target will be, not a seasonal monster but... other players!
The PvP missions can be accepted from "Krabi" in the Vinculum Upper.
This tournament is for 5 players max!

For this time's PvP, there are 4 missions divided by level.

・Total Lv3~5 Limited Mission
・Total Lv6~9 Limited Mission
・Total Lv10~13 Limited Mission
・Total Lv14~ Limited Mission

Total Lv will be the sum of S Lv, G Lv, and M Lv.
You can confirm your various levels from the Status screen. (Screen Transition: MENU> Character> Status)
*Missions that do not match your total Lv cannot be accepted.

When you accept the mission, you will be matched with other players who have accepted the same mission.
A max of 5 players can join the mission.
*There is no need to form a party beforehand.

When the mission begins, players will be moved to a separate area after a fixed standby for matching.
Then, while checking the mini map, players move to other players' locations and battle.
There are gates between areas, but they will open after a fixed period of time has passed.

Players whose HP drops to 0 during the battle will be sent to another area.
When you defeat your opponent in this area, you can fight for your rank.

If the other players' HP falls to 0 and you survive until the end, you will take 1st place.
And the mission will end.
You can earn event points according to your final ranking in the match.

Rewards by Rank for 5 Player Matches

 ・1st 5000 points
 ・2nd 2500 points
 ・3rd 1000 points
 ・4th 500 points
 ・5th 250 points

For battles with 4 players, 1st prize will be 2500 points.
For battles with 5 players, you can get more event points.

■Server adjustment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.