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New Information

End of Maintenance(Recovery of Ranger Magi 2.)

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.


■Bug Fix
・Recovery of items that malfunctioned during exchange with the Collector NPC for Ranger Magi 2.
The restored Ranger Magi 2 is in Gift Box.

(2/5 Follow Up Addendum below)

We have resolved the issue regarding the unstable connection when transferring to character selection screen
from title screen caused by item data correction.

The issue occurring on some of the Box items has been fixed

(2/5 Follow Up Addendum above)

(2/2 Follow Up Addendum below)

There was a problem in the item data when exchanging
Blade Magi II and Sphere Magi II for Ranger Magi II from the Collector NPC.

This error has been corrected with yesterday's game maintenance.

Currently we are working on restoring the characters that were affected by this problem.
In order to extract these target characters,
we will have to modify the item data.
Therefore until this work is complete,
users may experience interference between
the title screen and character selection screen or find it difficult to log in.

As soon as we are ready,
we will perform a game maintenance and start restorations.

We apologize for the problems and inconvenience caused at this time.

(2/2 Follow Up Addendum above)

About the "Ranger Magi 2" that can be exchanged with the collector,
we have confirmed an error is occuring in the item data for some reason.
At this time, we are investigating the problem.

We will perform a game maintanence to correct the problem as soon as the source is identified.

We apologize for the problems and inconvenience caused at this time.

■[Valentine Event] Adjusted
・Adjustment of the effects of limited event equipment (Chocolat Corsage, Heart Earr.)

■Server adjustment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.