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New Information

End of Maintenance

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.

■New Quests have been added!!
・New story and sub Quests have been added at the [Cepheid Cathedral]
You can accept the first Story Quest by talking to NPC Edgar at Cleea Desert.

■New Missions have been added!!
・New Ancient Memories’ Missions [Real Cepheid Cathedral] have been added at the Cepheid Cathedral
A battle against with Kastalia!
Clear the Story Quest in Cepheid Cathedral and the battle will be released.
When you Clear this Mission many times ...
There might be some special reward.

■New Map [Inside Cathedral First floor to 5 floor] have been added!!
・Only the players with 17 or higher combined S, G, M levels can enter the map.
About the access to the Inside Cathedral First floor
Talk to the NPC "Gracie" in the Cepheid Cathedral when the combined LV of S, G, and M is 17 or higher.

■New Weapon added!!
Added Moonlight Equipment
When you defeat Monsters at Cepheid Cathedral, you can get exchange items.
By giving it to NPC Gracie in Cepheid Cathedral,
you can exchange Moonlight Equipment with Materials that can be manufactured.

* We plan to announce about Remodeling Moonlight Equipment in later update.
* A higher version of Moonlight Equipment will also be added when we add more floors inside the Cepheid Cathedral.

■Fixed on [Emergency Event]
Regarding the "Emergency Event"
The final calculation of the Personal/Guild Event Point Ranking will be done on 21 Sep, 15:00 (JST),
and the rewards depending on the Ranking will be distributed.

The final calculation is nearing!
Gather Event Points to get the higher rank reward!

■Server adjustment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.