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New Information

End of Shop Maintenance

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The Shop maintenance has been completed.

Shop Update details:

■Limited-Time Offer! Untill Jun. 16

Selected Weapon Wheel - Seal and Nil Weapon: Illusion / Rare -
*New wheel!

Light God
*Suit M win rate up!

Light Goddness
*Accessory avatar win rate up!

Shinobi Avatar
*20 Star gems ⇒ 15 Star gems for 11 spins at once campaign

■Win rate up campaign
Will start after the today's shop maintenance.

・N. Kagura Avatar Wheel
*Suit M win rate up!

・Yoko Avatar Wheel
*Weapon covered with aura win rate up!

・Primitive monster attack wheel
*Buster Equipment win rate up!

■Items on special offer! Untill Jun. 16

・Expand Bag +5
* 8 Star gems → 3 Star gems!

・Storage Unit +10
* 8 Star gems → 3 Star gems!

・Dress up Slot +1
* 8 Star gems → 3 Star gems!
* This item is available from the Closet.

・Enchant Core x20
* 100 Star gems → 32 Star gems!

・Enchant Core x30
* 150 Star gems → 46 Star gems!

・Revive x30
* 30 Star gems → 20 Star gems!

・Portal Drive x20
* 6 Star gems → 4 Star gems!

・Abrasive x2
* 6 Star gems ⇒ 2 Star gems!


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.