Fierce action and hi-def 3D graphics! Sci-fi fantasy online RPG

Stellacept Onlineのスクリーンショット

New Information

About the official release

The official release of Stellacept Online is available
since the 16 jul. 2015 (Thu),

An online RPG in which you incarnate a soldier who fights to protect people from an evil force.

Play with your friends all over the world in real time with this free-to-play MMORPG
Enjoy thrilling battles with stunning 3D graphics!
Its epic story which will keep you on tenterhooks!

Visit Stellacept Online official website, read and accept the Terms of Use,
the Penalty Policy and the Privacy Policy before installing the application.

The application may slow down depending on your connection or on the device used.
The application may freeze or disconnect depending on the connection status or the data traffic (if your character is in a crowded gathering place, etc.)

Please check the above mentioned points before testing the application and playing the game.

Recommended devices
・The contents are downloadable from the version 2.3, but might not run correctly below the version 4.0.
・Please check that your material is able to run the App correctly before beginning to play the game.
・We won't provide any support, nor take any responsibility if a defect occurs while running the App.

・We may not respond to certain inquiries depending on the nature of their contents.
・Only inquiries written in English or Japanese will be processed.
・Notices and in-game information will be provided in English as a general rule.

We hope that you'll enjoy Stellacept Online!