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New Avatar Wheel Win rate up!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The Shop maintenance has been completed.

Shop Update details:

End of Century School Avatar summer Ver.

End of Century School Avatar summer Ver.
*Weapon Avatar win rate up!

You can enjoy the uniform that was previously hidden by the jacket of the Winter Ver.!
Now it's light with refreshing colors.
The male helm is a cool asymmetric hair style with mesh coloring at the tips.
The beanie from the Winter Ver. is gone so now you can enjoy this punk hair style in its entirety!
The female helm avatar is a pony tail, too. Perfect for summer!

*The weapon avatar is the same as that in the Winter Ver. Wheel, so it is not new.

Carrot Knights Avatar

Carrot Knights Avatar
*Accessory avatar win rate up!

An avatar straight out of a picture book featuring "Rabbits" x "Knights"!
It uniquely features rabbit hears for both male and female versions.
The deco avatar is made with the concept of a guardian spirit in a knight's armor.
It even comes with a cape!

Soaring Sord Avatar

Soaring Sord Avatar
*Gold Sorda Avatar win rate up!

There are 2 kinds of deco avatar, including wings for the waist and a tail.
This avatar features a lot of feathers on the back, but by positioning them from the waist,
it gives a completely different impression!
Also, it can be matched with other avatars, like the Judgement series, for cool looks!
The feathers by the ears are also a special feature!

Available in the ever-popular yellow and vibrant blue!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.