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New Information

4th Anniversary Sale is happening now!!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The Shop maintenance has been completed.

Shop Update details:
Wheel and Items on special offer!
[Campaign] Extra Star Gems for your first purchase!

Wheel and Items on special offer!

Your Targets

▼Item Type Wheel
Extreme Upgrade Wheel
Equip. Lv Uncap. Wheel
Enchant Core Jackpot Wheel *11 spin at once 18 Star Gems!
Item Wheel
Zodiac Wheel
Medal Wheel *11 spin at once 8 Star Gems!


*following wheel will be limited to the days of 7/13(Sat) and 14(Sun) only.
Unknown Weapon Wheel
Seal and Nil Weapon Wheel
Forbidden Weapon Wheel

▼Avatar Type Wheel

Concept wheel
Jade Labyrinth Wheel
Golden Wheel
Guren Wheel
Blue Sky Wheel
Dusk Wheel
Decoration Wheel ver.1
Decoration Wheel ver.2
Star parade Wheel
Gothic & Bunny Plush Wheel

Avatar wheel
Crow Tengu Avatar
Escort Avatar Wheel
Necromancer Avatar Wheel
Divin Avatar Wheel
Gothic Wa-Loli Avatar Wheel
Wonderland Avatar Wheel
Little Red & The Wolf Wheel
Dragon Knight Avatar
Armored Frame Avatar Wheel
One-Winged Chevalier Avatar Wheel
Judgement Avatar Wheel

*following wheel will be limited to the days of 7/13(Sat) and 14(Sun) only.

Carrot Knights Avatar Wheel
Soaring Sord Avatar Wheel
God Star Festival Wheel
End of Century School Avatar summer ver.

*following wheel will be limited to the day of 7/15(Mon) only.

Blue Monday Wheel

▼4th Anniversary Items

The featured product!
Ultimate Item Bag
Finest Item Bag
Adjuster Bag
Avatar Bag
WPN. Avatar Bag
SP. Avatar Bag
SP. WPN. Avatar Bag
Avatar Bag 2016
Avatar Bag 2017
W. Avatar Bag 2017
Finest Item Bag
A-Magic Box

Let's change the hair style!
Long Hair BagⅠ
Long Hair BagⅡ
Long Hair BagⅢ
Wave Hair Bag
Tail Hair BagⅠ
Tail Hair BagⅡ
Knotted hair Bag
Cool Hair Bag

and more…

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.