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New Information

New Map [Inside Cathedral 16th floor to 20th floor] has been added!!

Announcement from the Development and Live Operation teams

The maintenance operation has been completed.


■New Map [Inside Cathedral 16th floor to 20th floor] has been added!!
You can enter the map by talking to the NPC "Gracie" in Cepheid Cathedral
when your combined level of S, G, and M is 17 or higher.
In this map, the rare weapons can be obtained from the monsters.

Currently 1F~20F are open for challenging, but we are adding even more superior levels.

▼New Monster [Sharud Tribe] appears!

Sharud Multi σ
Sharud Multi γ
Sharud Multi ω
Sharud Quarto β
Regretful Giger
Grudge Giger

The inside of the Cepheid Cathedral is a den of monsters.
Get Abrasive Weapons and materials for creating Moonshine Weapons by defeating monsters and aiming to rise up from 1F!
You can also get items such as accessories and items for boosting.

In our next update, we're adding new, high-rank floors 16F~20F and a new genus of monster, the Sharud Tribe.
Since their flesh absorbs light, they appear completely black.
Their origin and intentions remain unknown.
They lay in wait for stray soldiers to enter the Cathedral and come after them with weapons and armor like those of humans.

If you're looking to defeat some tough monsters or train your characters, this is the challenge for you!

▼The Defeat Bonus Campaign is on!
Monsters appearing on each of the Merak Forest, Maia Tree Hollow, Tree Ruins(Phoenix Word etc…) and
Phaeo Forest Campaign has ended.

We've cranked up the drop rates and amount of Spica you can earn for defeating certain monsters!
This is a chance to easily get ahold of items such as materials for equipment creation, accessories, and arks.

This campaign will only last until our next game maintenance.
*It will only be continued through maintenances for fixing issues and performing adjustments.

[Your Targets]
Monsters appearing on each of the [Inside Cathedral 1st floor to 20th floor]
Raised the drop rate and amount of Spicas you can get!

▼New Monster has been added!!

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Stellacept Online Development and Live Operation teams.